SADKI ® products have been known and valued for almost 25 years. In Kujawsko-Pomorskie region SADKI ® company is the unquestionable leader within the production of preserves.
40 years

In Kujawsko-Pomorskie region!

On the domestic market SADKI ® works with area sales managers cooperating directly with our customers. Their task is to support our customers’ businesses and promote our products as well as take care of our business partners Our representatives are well prepared and they can meet both the goals of our company of and our customers’ needs. They are ready to assist with all the necessary information on our sales offer.

We have modern trucks which can deliver the products from 1,5 tons to 16 tons. Because of the possibility to delive the products by own transport our orders reach our customers quickly and safely. The service we provide to our partners is done by our three distributive warehouses which are located in Pakość near Inowrocław, in Bydgoszcz and in Nakło nad Notecią

SADKI Company deals with a lot of partners on the domestic market. Our sales policy is to cooperate with reputable food distributors and super- and hyper-chain stores For our best customers we are ready to modify recipes or dimensions of our products to fulfill specific needs of cosumers.

In the northern part of Poland SADKI Company offers other food products offered by the best Polish manufacturers. Our wholesale bussiness concentrates on ensuring the best service and product choice for our customers.