For many years SADKI ® has offered its products to foreign customers. Our activity on the foreign markets plays an important role in our company’s sales and proves that we have become a reputable and recognised brand around the world. 

Thanks to traditional recipies of our products and our flexibility, SADKI ® products are known to customers in the United States of America, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, and on the Scandinavian market.

Our products are offered under SADKI ® brand as well as under private brands of our distributors. We are interested and open to every proposal of potential cooperation including a posibility to modify our recipies and change packaging of our products.

The most popular products among our foreign customers are every-tasty sauerkraut, cucumbers prepared according to a traditional recipe, beetroots, true fruit compotes, jams and marmalades.

We have experienced staff in cooperating with international businesses and we are prepared to meet new challenges. Regarding the freight of our products, we have cooperated for many years with HARTWIG GDYNIA S.A., but we are also open to adjust individually to out customers’ needs.