• SADKI ® Company was established in 1993 and it continues a glorious tradition of the plant based in Sadki. SADKI deals with the production and distribution of fruit and vegetable preserves packed in glass jars. At present, SADKI has a modern factory based in Pakosc near Inowroclaw and warehouses in Naklo nad Notecia, in Bydgoszcz and in Pakosc.

  • The most popular products are Polish dill pickles, Pasteurised pickles, Sauerkraut, Beet-roots, Vegetable salads, Jams, Plum butter jams, Marmalades and Compotes. SADKI ® guarantees that you are buying high quality products as the vegetables and fruits used in production of SADKI ® preserves come from our own orchards and plants placed around Notec river. The environment from which the ingredients of our products come is clean, which contributes to the fact that our products are healthy and tasty. SADKI ® products are produced under the HACCP system which ensures that SADKI ® products are safe.

  • SADKI ® Company aims at offering products according to the highest standards and at very competitive prices. Most of SADKI ® items are produced under recipes in line with Polish Quality Norm (PN). Pomeranian pickled cucumbers deserve special attention because we use a special addition of spices and vegetables into this product. We also produce sauerkraut according to a traditional recipe and vegetable salad with the addition of pineapples and raisins.

  • Thanks to our managers and their contribution, SADKI ® has become a leading and reputable company on the market of food perserves. Our staff’s efforts constatnly meet our customers’ satisfaction by following newest trends and needs which local and foreign markets bring. Because of the highest quality, our products are delivered to the United States of America, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, Germany and the Scandinavian market. SADKI ® has its own transport which means that we can deliver our products around Poland within 48 hours. Our flexible approach and drive for new solutions have made us a friendly company which meets all needs of our customers.

  • We would like to share with you our joy of tasting SADKI ® products and our satisfaction. SADKI ® Company invites you to do business with us and guarantees the best service and support.